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diverticulitis diet author Written by: Steve Grierson

When examining the condition of foods to avoid when suffering from diverticulitis, lists always enter the discussion.  But, is this really accurate science or is this just a bunch of hogwash?  Well, as is usual with such a question there is some truth and some fiction involved in the answer.

Let’s jump right into the fiction part first, there is a rumor floating around, and probably propagated by some outlandish websites that things like peanuts, popcorn, corn, and other nuts will somehow cause or at least aggravate all of our colons or our Diverticula (uninfected yet expanded pockets or pouches in our colons), however, this is just not substantiated by any of the scientific literature.

It is a myth.

But, even though this is a myth, there may be a kernel of truth inside this myth, pun intended.  Here’s what is really going on, very likely people are developing food allergies to things like corn or peanuts later on in their lives, contracting Diverticulitis, and then ascribing the disease to these foods – a simple but errant cause and effect conclusion.

As we can see, the logic is flawed; everyone who eats popcorn or peanuts will not necessarily get this condition.  It doesn’t work that way and there are studies which prove that these foods are safe for most people to eat.

Most people.

This leads us to a very interesting phenomenon that the main stream medical community seems to turn their noses up at, food allergies and food intolerances.  While examining allergies and intolerances let’s also look at exactly how this disease comes into being.

How Diverticulitis Forms

Many natural health practitioners and gurus believe that infection of the Diverticula or distended sacks in our colons are ultimately caused in many cases by food allergies and intolerances(* if the Diverticula are not infected then we have what’s called Diverticulosis – due to our low fiber diets we probably all have this condition to some degree).

The case for food allergies causing these infections seems extremely likely, the changes in the way the food gets from the farm (factory?) to our table is not what it used to be, in the last 100 years our food has just simply changed and quite radically, it’s been genetically modified, stripped of many nutrients, and sprayed with toxic goop, and unfortunately that trend continues pretty much unabated.

What’s causing the spike in food allergies and food intolerances, especially in middle aged folks?  Again, it goes back to the way our food is grown (in nutrient dead soil), refined, and processed, and yet the FDA and big agriculture companies just don’t seem to look the other way.

Sure, we’re all living longer today, but our quality of life is suffering enormously from these massive shifts from traditional family farming to large, indifferent food factories.

So, this infection (Diverticulitis) can come from food allergies and intolerances, what else might cause this type of protruding colon infection?

Hello — pesticides, anybody?  Chemicals in treated drinking water, fluoride, bromides, and drug residues are also very well to blame; in truth the list of toxic chemicals in our environment is virtually endless.  (* Have said all of this, in a way we have it pretty good in the western world, the emerging world is an absolute sewer in so many places.)

A Disease That Has Increased Virtually Exponentially

Why do you think in the last 100 years Diverticulitis cases have increased virtually exponentially?  Did you realize that if you live until just the age of 60, you have a 50% chance of getting Diverticulitis?  Disgusting and a disgrace to our public institutions, but don’t fool yourself, that figure is accurate.

The main stream medical community and the modern media would have us believe that it’s simply a lack of fiber in our diets that’s causing all of this; the official cause of Diverticulitis is “raised intraluminal colonic pressures”.

And well, this statement is not wrong per se, this is what creates the distended pockets, which we’re all carrying around, but, the eventual infection is caused by a myriad of other things, basically toxins which day after day impact deeply into these pockets in our colon.

One way or another the root cause goes back to all of these large agricultural changes in the last 50 – 100 years.  In fact, in case you didn’t know it, there has been a huge increase in digestive disorders of all different sorts in this time period as well, such as IBS, GERD, ulcers.  Immune disorders, which are related to what we eat, have also skyrocketed.  This is not rocket science, there is a big fat link here, and people are catching on.

Not to scare folks too much, but Diverticulitis is not just a nuisance; it can lead to Peritonitus, which can be fatal.  Scary.

So, we all want to know — what’s the very best way to avoid getting this disease?  What should we all be eating?

Best Diet to Avoid Diverticulitis

The dietary treatment for Diverticulitis once we have been infected is the exact opposite of the dietary measures that we should all be taking to avoid getting the infection, interestingly enough.

If someone does become infected and they end up in the hospital the colon needs time to heal and this means eating basically absolutely nothing for a little while and then slowly graduating to super low fiber foods.

However, that is just a quick aside; one of the tried and true methods to avoid getting this condition is to eat a high fiber diet.  Sure, we get that.

But, we mustn’t stop there, because this alone is only one piece of the larger puzzle.  When we increase fiber in our diet we must also greatly increase our intake of water (in order to keep things moving along), but not just any water, in most cities tap water is liquid poison, it’s making us all chronically ill, slowly but surely.

Filter your water any way that you can and don’t drink tap water even in restaurants, be vigilant, tap water kills off the friendly bacteria in our guts, in turn decreasing our immune system, causing things like leaky gut syndrome, and making us much more prone to infections of all kinds.

The next step is to find out if you have an food allergies, and remember that they can develop at any age.  If you’re tired or achy for no reason, depressed, get sick a lot, you may have undiagnosed food allergies or intolerances.

The most common allergies are to wheat and dairy products, however corn, soy, eggs, and many other are fairly common as well.

If we take a closer look at things we can see why wheat and dairy are making more and more folks sick, first of all, we have bred wheat to increase its gluten (the protein that people have trouble with) content by huge amounts and we pump our dairy cows full of sick amounts of anti-biotics and growth hormones.

Again, these the facts, all there in black and white.

Does this digestive disorder alarm bell sound far-fetched?

To some it does, it may sound like some conspiracy theory or anti big corporation propaganda.  If it was only that simple, the facts are right in front of our faces — an explosion in digestive disorders within less than a century, coupled with enormous changes in our food and water supply.

Again, it’s not rocket science.  In the end, when looking to protect ourselves from Diverticulitis, the foods to avoid are simply anything unnatural and anything that is not compatible with our own personal physiology.  Using this rule of thumb will decrease our odds of getting this detrimental disease when we reach aged 60 and beyond, that is guaranteed.

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Testimonials for Great Taste No Pain from former diverticulitis sufferers:

Dear Sherry,

I have no doubt in my mind that it was Divine Providence that your amazing diet and wonderful cookbook offer caught my attention.

For the past seventeen years, off and on, I have suffered from bouts of diverticulitis, to the point that I was “sick” and on almost total bed rest for weeks on end.  My own medical doctor would give me the usual treatment of heavy antibiotics and clear diet (broth/jello) until things would “settle down.”

Never once did he inform me that it was my poor choices in not only what I was eating, but as important – what I was eating together.

My last bout of the diverticulitis was no sooner “treated” the traditional way when it came back with a vengeance on the rebound – the very first time I unknowingly violated your common sense rules on eating and dietary choices.

Since ordering your book (and listening to Mike’s Think Right Now CD’s on diet and healthy eating) I have not had an episode of diverticulitis, have not needed any medication for “treating” it, have lost weight without any hunger and most importantly – canceled my surgery for bowel reconstruction.

I am well on my way to regaining an Alkaline/Acid balance that will support long term vitality by following your recommendations.

In a way I feel I should be mad at my doctor for not knowing the importance of eating properly and what never to mix together, but then I realize he was never really trained in health – his skills are in treating sickness – which means, drugs and then surgery when the drug protocol invariably fails.

God has given us all brains and we need to train those brains to seek natural remedies for the many illnesses that confront our society.  Your insights into diets, proper food orders and delicious recipes should be mandatory study in medical schools – then we would have a lot more “health care professionals” treating us proactively in good health and nutrient habits and less drugs and surgery.  Wouldn’t that do wonders for the national health care costs that are running our national budget into the red?


Eric Bower


Hi Sherry, – thank you for your email and great help.

I have suffered from IBS and Diverticulitis for 20 years and it was getting worse all the time. I was desperate when I came across your web site, your food choices sounded great and easy to do, also because you did not suggest buying special foods or a fortune in vitamins and special supplements I was very impressed.

I found an immediate difference in my bowl, it has not been nearly as painful and I am not bloated like I was, also I do find that I have more energy.

Thank you so very much for this easy to follow and immediate relief plan.

Barb S.

For the last two months I have been dealing with severe (like I’d rather have a baby) pain. One time I was put on antibiotics which helped but as soon as I was done… the pain seemed to be edging back. YIKES… NO WAY!

I looked for help on line for diverticulitis and lo and behold I found your free Great Taste No Pain plan. I followed your instructions and I still enjoyed Thanksgiving type foods and loved how I felt as well. I have more energy, clarity of mind I forgot I could have, no more bloating or pain, regular body functions and I love to drink my water and feel healthy again. I am 56 years old (young) and blessed to have “stumbled” onto your method.

I am now looking forward to a long HEALTHY and pain free life!

Thanks so much!


Dear Sherry,

I am thankful for you and your Great Taste No Pain program. I’ve been on it for about three months and am enjoying life once again. No feeling sick, bloated, uneasy with pain and bowel problems. I’m sleeping better and look forward to each day. It is so good to not have to worry about making plans to go out or buy tickets for up and coming events worrying if I will be well enough to attend. No more depression or anxiety. I’ve never eaten better thanks to your recipes and information on food combinations. I have not taken any digestive aids or missed a productive day since I discovered your program.

I have suffered with diverticulitis for the past twenty years and ended up in hospital with a severe infection twice. I truly believe that most illnesses begin in the gut. Continued good luck spreading this most useful information.


Dear Sherry,

Thanks to you, I got to eat some of my favorite foods for the holiday all because I have been following your Great Taste No Pain combined foods with a probiotic for the last eight months. I was diagnosed with diverticulitis back in April of 2010. and was put on all those terrible antibiotics which the side affects were horrible.

Then I found your Great Taste No Pain plan. I typed in diverticulitis. I thought what do I have to lose? I didn’t lose anything, I gained hope. I was so thrilled I told my sister who had a chunk of her colon taken out and she is now following it too. I have given your website to a number of people and they also are grateful for a new way of eating and feeling better. I hope to never be on those antibiotics again.

Thank you Sherry,


Thank you so much for everything you do. From all I’ve read and experimented with I was definitely one of those people who thought it was not possible to eat tasty food and feel good at the same time! I am 60 years old and have been overweight all my life and dealt with constipation my entire life. About 10 years ago became laxative dependent, so depending on my diet and meds, I either had diarrhea or was constipated, and the doctors said I had IBS. After my first colonoscopy I was diagnoses with diverticulitis. I have this painful bulge in my lower right abdomen that doesn’t show it’s ugly face when I go to the doctor’s office, I’ve had a CT scan twice now to be told there is nothing wrong with me, well it hurts really bad for there to be nothing wrong, sometimes when it swells it brings me to tears and I can’t move it hurts so much. I find that Alka-Seltzer with help with the pain sometimes – my husband thinks we should buy stock in Alka-Seltzer because of how much I used. The gastroenterologist said it’s just gas and recommended I take something like beano before you eat anything and you should be fine! My bowel sounds are so loud after I eat anything it was embarrassing to eat in public at all.

Well, I am ecstatic to report that since I’ve been using Great Taste No Pain plan I have lost 10 pounds and my bowel sounds have disappeared and the painful bulge has not shown its ugly face since I started eating the delicious recipes. I quit taking the purple pill, haven’t opened an Alka-Seltzer since I started and have the energy to do things for myself instead of asking for help.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING your Great Taste No Pain plan.


My husband ordered your Great Taste No Pain plan 2 months ago and I was skeptical, but since he suffers from diverticulitis I thought it can’t hurt. Since I am the cook, I had to learn the program myself and eat this way along with him.

After a just a day or so, I noticed I was not so bloated. I felt better. I stopped taking Protonix, as an experiment. Hmmm, no problem with acid-reflux. After four days I was convinced that this is good for me too. I got on the scale and I had lost a few pounds. That was a great bonus! So now we’ve been eating this way for 2 months and I’ve lost 15 lbs. My husband has lost over 20 lbs.

We are telling everyone about GTNP now. I even stopped taking my daily allergy pills. My eczema has gone away—I had a spot on my ankle for years! Everything is getting better and I don’t ever want to quit eating this way!

I think our food bill will go down too, since we are eating less of the bad stuff and more of the good stuff. I wouldn’t have believed the difference this way of eating could make. I would encourage everyone to try it. My doctor’s appointment is in a few weeks and I am anxious to get a blood test, because I know the results will be much better than last time!

Thank you for your efforts and encouragement!


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