Diverticulitis Diet Plan – Great Tasting and Pain Free?

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Written by: Steve Grierson

Diverticulitis is a condition which effects the colon. This illness actually results as a complication of diverticulosis, which causes small pouches or pockets, to develop along the colons outside lining.  When these pockets become irritated or inflamed, the condition is known as diverticulitis. This inflammation can cause a barrage of bothersome and painful symptoms.  A patient suffering with diverticulitis may experience, unexplained fever, soreness in their left side and the lower portion of the abdomen, stomach cramps, bloating, constipation, and nausea often leading to mild or severe vomiting.   If you have been diagnosed with diverticulitis, your doctor may recommend that you follow a special restricted diet plan.

There are actually foods which help to prevent diverticulitis all together.   Your best defense against this condition is a diverticulitis diet plan that highlights fiber and water.   Foods which are high in fiber help to combat constipation, which can lead to diverticulosis, the primary cause of diverticulitis.  When a person is constipated, harsh bowel movements create pressure on the colon, causing those painful pockets to form.  If diverticulitis has already developed, be careful in the types of fibers you choose to eat.  Whole grains, such as those found in rolled oats, brown rice, popcorn, and corn or bran muffins, can actually aggravate the condition.  Opt instead for refined grain products, like crackers, white rice, pasta, and foods which have been prepared with refined flower. Diverticulitis Diet Plan

Also, it is imperative to include adequate amounts of water in your diverticulitis diet plan.  Water keeps you hydrated, and aids the digestive system in its functions.  As well, it prevents constipation, helping to avoid strain and pressure on the colon.  Try to drink at least nine to ten, eight ounce cups of water each day. This is an important part of  maintaining your overall health, including colon health.

If you have developed a diverticulitis condition, staying away from certain foods may help you to avoid a  flareup all together, or allow you to rebound more quickly in the midst of symptoms.  Foods such as unrefined grains, seeds and nuts, actually farther irate the already inflamed colon pockets.   You want to exclude foods such as hamburger buns with sesame seeds, and poppy seed muffins from your diverticulitis diet plan.  Some people don’t think about these little seeds causing such big issues, but they certainly can lead to alot of pain for a diverticulitis sufferer.

If the doctor recommends a special diverticulitis diet plan as a treatment option, it will most likely be somewhat bland in the beginning.  In fact, the first several days will probably be limited to only clear liquids.  You will be allowed such things as tea, black coffee, strained broth, ice chips, pulp free fruit juices, clear soda, and plain gelatin.  Following this diet for a few days has no negative benefits if you are otherwise healthy.  On the other hand, diabetics may have more of an issue with the low sugar aspect of these food choices, and as a result should be closely monitored by a doctor when following this diet plan.  The average healthy person, should have no problems with following the regimen for a short period of time.  However, an all liquid diet can lead to weakness and loss of energy, if followed for prolonged periods of time.  As a result, you will most likely be slowly introduced back to a more solid diet within a few days.

Once you are ready to phase back into solid food intake, you will start with low fiber foods.  Examples of these foods may include, low fat dairy products such as milk, cheese and yogurt,  pasta, noodles, white rice, breads made with refined wheat, skinless vegetables, and fruits without seeds or skin.  The idea is to eat foods which are soft and without irritants to the colon.

Diverticulitis DietWhen you return to a normal diet, remember to still avoid foods with nuts or seeds.  As well, continue deleting whole, and unrefined grains from your daily diet.  This will help to prevent reoccurring inflammation of the colon, and the painful symptoms of diverticulitis.

If you need help in finding a pain free, great tasting diverticulitis diet plan, you may want to take a look at  Sherry Brescia’s pain free living plan.  Sherry is a natural health researcher, who has spent vast amounts of time in the study of colon health, among other digestive, and health conditions.   You can visit her site on the web at www.greattastenopain.com.  On the site she offers to send you a free, four day eating plan, which will provide you with a pain free way of eating.  She claims that within as little as one day, you will feel less digestive discomfort.

Sherry’s diverticulitis diet plan includes thirteen delicious recipes, which will accommodate each of the three daily meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She even includes snacks in this plan so that you know exactly which foods will satisfy your hunger, yet help you to avoid the pain of your diverticulitis condition.  These recipes are not only for those suffering from colon issues.  They as well, can help those with health conditions such as, hiatal hernia, gastritis, acid reflux, Crohns, ulcers, and even reducing the symptoms of ADHD!  An added benefit is that the entire family can enjoy these recipes.  They are wonderful in taste.  This will make it easier to cook for the diverticulitis suffer in the family, as you wont have to prepare two separate meals.  Sherry’s recipes are so tasty that each member of the family can appreciate, and benefit from them.

Once you visit the pain free web site you will also have the opportunity to sign up for an informative newsletter, which will provide you with daily tips for living with digestive and colon problems.  You will be able to gain knowledge through stories of those having formerly lived with these types of symptoms, and how they used Sherry’s tips to ease pain and discomfort.  This newsletter will also provide you with many answers to your diverticulitis diet questions, and provide you with additional cooking tips and recipes.  Since it is free, it is definitely worth checking out!

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