Abdominal Pain in Your Left Side Could Be Deadly!

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Abdominal pain in your left side could be an indicator that something far more serious is going on inside your body. Did you know that if your lower left stomach has shooting pains, or is even tender, that any of these conditions may apply:

  • Diverticulits
  • Constipation / Trapped gas
  • Irritable bowel syndrome / Crohn’s disease
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Volvulus (twisted colon)
  • Colorectal polyps or even cancer!

Most people are unaware of the many different conditions associated with lower left abdominal pain, so they simply assume that it is nothing more than indigestion or gas.  Don’t let these insidious conditions sneak up on you, as they can grow worse if they are left untreated! Instead, you need to learn more about them, what dangers they pose and what their real cause is.

In the article below, we’re going to dive into the first condition – Diverticulitis. In the coming days, we’ll cover each one of the other common conditions, showing how each one can be traced back to a faulty colon…and what you can do to fix that problem.

Bottom line…nearly every pain you experience in your lower left abdomen is the result of a sick colon.

What Causes These Painful Conditions?

Pain in Left SideAll of the painful conditions listed above, including some of the more painful ones – like diverticulitis, colitis, polyps, and cancer – are officially defined as conditions which afflict your colon. Now you’re probably thinking “It’s my stomach that hurts – what does my colon have to do with this?”

A lot, actually!

The colon is part of a series of organs (known as the digestive system) that run from your mouth all the way down to your anus. Everything you eat or drink runs through this system and as you can imagine, any traffic jam or hiccup in its flow can cause some serious repercussions!

Take diverticulitis…it affects the colon by causing diverticula – or pouches along the wall of this organ. These can become swollen with infection, making passing food through your large intestine like walking over live coals! A healthy colon doesn’t have these pockets within them, and medical science has a simplified explanation about why they are there. If you don’t eat enough fiber in your diet, they may begin to develop. Why is this? The theory goes that with more pressure from undigested matter building up, this eventually causes your colon to buckle, and these pockets form.

However, like most explanations from traditional doctors, this fails to take into account the entire picture. Did you know that environmental pollutants are at an all time high, and many of these are in your food? This includes pesticides, food additives, and flavoring agents just to name a few. Add to this the fact that our soil is seriously depleted of vital nutrients, and you begin to see why your digestion has been affected!

To make matters worse, a recent study proved that high fiber patients actually developed Diverticulitis at a higher rate than low fiber patients! If you’re anything like me, you’re probably starting to realize that most doctors are just making educated guesses regarding the cause and treatment of these colon issues…sadly, they don’t know any more than we do.

What’s the Big Deal?

At this point you may be wondering what all the fuss is about, since abdominal pain in your left side isn’t that big of deal.  The problem is, this is only the beginning, and this condition brings a host of other dangers!  You may start with some common symptoms, such as a difference in your bowel function, having constipation or diarrhea, and experiencing painful bloating.  You may even begin to throw up and have accompanying nausea, and fever is sometimes reported.

Yet, these problems are only the tip of the iceberg, and if Diverticulitis isn’t treated you may have serious issues!  For example, you may suffer from an abscess, which is an infection that is self-contained.  This makes it impossible for your immune system to penetrate, so your doctor may have to aspirate it with a needle, and surgery may even be required.  If this isn’t successful, an infection of your colon itself called peritonitis could develop, which is deadly if left untreated!

Further, you may suffer from obstructions within your intestines, which make moving material through them difficult.  Finally, Diverticulitis may lead to the formation of Fistulas, which you definitely don’t want to experience!  These occur when two organs literally grow together, causing a whole new set of problems.

Doctors Don’t Have the Answer!

Clearly, Diverticulitis causes much more than terrible abdominal pain in your left side, and you must take this condition seriously.  Yet, medical science doesn’t have that much to offer, and doctors focus primarily upon symptom management.  If you suffer from an acute attack, then you will likely have to be rushed to the Emergency Room and have an immediate intervention.  This includes giving you antibiotics, an IV drip and putting you on a liquid diet.  If this doesn’t do the trick, the doctor will have to go in with the big guns and use surgery!

Unfortunately, this isn’t a permanent fix and you could keep ending up in the hospital again and again.  The only piece of advice most doctors will give you, is to be sure to eat plenty of fiber.  Obviously, that is like putting a band aid on a gun shot wound, and something else must be at the root of this condition.  After all, if low fiber intake was the problem, then every person would be able to cure themselves by simply taking fiber supplements!  Clearly, this isn’t the case, and this is an inadequate strategy for alleviating your left side pain.

Uncovering the REAL Issue Behind Abdominal Pain In Your Left Side!

Abdominal Pain Left SideWouldn’t you rather uncover the real reason for why this is happening, and rid yourself of Diverticulitis forever? Most people would jump at the chance to do so, and the good news is, that this is now possible!  You see, one woman was in agony just as you are now, and she finally said “Enough!” to her doctor’s advice and began her own journey of discovery, uncovering some amazing health principles.

Her discovery?

It isn’t what you are eating which is causing your problems, but how you are eating them which is the root cause!  As food collects in your colon, if often can’t be easily digested (because of the types of foods we eat), causing it to back up.  This is what creates the pressure upon the walls of your large intestine, leading to the formation of pockets. Ultimately, you will begin to feel these as
abdominal pain in your left side, as the disease begins to unfold.  Your doctor will tell you to ingest massive amounts of fiber, to flush out this mass of partially digested matter.  However, wouldn’t it be better to make sure this blockage never formed to begin with?

The Miracle of Food Combination!

That is what proper food combination does, it allows your colon to handle everything which you can throw at it. You can eat all of the foods which you love, and nothing is forbidden on this diet plan!  If this is true, then how can this method possible help?  By changing when you eat certain foods, and what you combine them with, you make digestion a simple matter for your GI system.  You see, your body has the ability to break down any food that you want to eat, just not all at once!  You must respect how your colon prefers to function, and only give it items which work well together.

When you do so, your symptoms can disappear in dramatic fashion, which is exactly what Sherry Brescia experienced!  So, why suffer from abdominal pain in your left side needlessly, when the answers are only moments away?  Her “Great Taste, No Pain” system teaches you everything you need to follow in her footsteps, and how to rid yourself of Diverticulitis once and for all.

Isn’t it time to enjoy eating once again?

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